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Xactimate Estimates for Contractors

Hail - Wind - Tornado - Hurricane Claims

Establish the true property restoration cost from the beginning

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The ClaimStar Mission

We empower contractors to negotiate a fair final price for insurance claim jobs through clear and accurate Xactimate estimates that reflect the real costs of roof and siding replacement.

Stay Focused On Selling

You and your team stay focused on selling and installing roofs, let us handle the complex estimate writing. 

You are the Expert

The restoration project estimate you present the insurance company will be accurate, documented, and professional.  

Make More Profit Per Job

On average, our claims help you increase your close rate and make 2X more profit per job.

Features & Benefits

Get accurate roof and siding estimates, with documented code requirements and manufacturer’s instructions.

  • You will be armed with the documentation to prove the “real” cost to install your roofing and siding products.
  • You will no longer be left wondering why its so hard to make ends meet
Get accurate roof and siding estimates
Get standardized “insurance formatted” estimates

Get standardized “insurance formatted” estimates, with a consistent professional layout and presentation for all your supplements.

  • Your estimates will be written in the format used by insurance companies. This provides a clear Apples to Apples comparison with the estimates generated by adjusters.
  • Clear and consistent estimate formatting highlight the superior quality and accuracy of your estimates. If your job should need to go to appraisal or litigation you have a case ready estimate.

We provide an estimate that includes a Roof sketch, as well as the measurement reports in PDF, and XML or DXF or RXF. (some restrictions apply)

  • Get the files you need to prove your case to the insurance company, and at the same time place accurate product orders.
  • Streamline your entire process for managing the complexities of insurance claims related jobs.
We provide an estimate
Outsource the estimate writing

Outsource the estimate writing for your insurance claims jobs.

  • Eliminate the headache of trying to learn how to play the insurance companies estimate writing game and speed up the cycle time for having a submission ready estimate.
  • This allows you to focus on what you are excellent at – selling and installing quality products.

How it works

Set Up an Account


To get started fill out the account information. Your estimates will be personalized with your company information and logos. 

Order an Estimate


Submit the property information and let us go to work on the complexities of building your Xactimate estimate. 

Keep Selling While We Write Your Estimate


While we write your detailed estimate, you can stay focused on selling. It’s a win-win for everyone. 

Set Up an Account Today!


We need a few important pieces of information before we can start cranking out estimates for you, (things like your company address, logo, and contact information.) Set up your free account today and be ready to order at a moments notice. 


ClaimStar has been phenomenal. They have increased my claim payouts by 20-30%. They provide thorough, clear, concise estimates in a timely manner. They present a nice, neat package that a desk adjuster can easily approve. Keep up the great work!

-Dave Farinholt


ClaimStar is the best estimating service on the market!  Fast, professional, and exactly tailored to each job, no matter how complicated.  The process is simple and the results have greatly increased profits and massively improved our customers’ experience.  ClaimStar is our guiding light from now on!

-Joseph M.



Working with ClaimStar has been great! As an independent contractor, handling dozens of insurance claims at a time can get overwhelming. A huge part of that stress stems from the many hours you put into writing detailed estimates—sometimes repeatedly—for every project. With ClaimStar, gone are the days of being up all hours of the night researching the right codes to use to make your insurance jobs profitable. The ClaimStar team offers very fast turnaround (24-48hrs in my experience), and they equip your estimate with the building codes and structure necessary to nail down a good settlement quickly. Having a solid team behind you writing your estimates is invaluable because it keeps you out in the field finding new clients and it increases the profitability of every job.

-Liam Morga

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